Training Failure

Why your efforts at corporate training can fail

In the following video clip, have a look at Bob and Dudley, who are attending a corporate training event with their company. You will see the lack of motivation and an evident lack of interest in what the speaker is saying ....... could this be happening in your corporate training events?

So, what are the three most common reasons that corporate training fails?
  1. Staff attending the course do not see the need for the training - they have been "sent" by their manager, or some other higher authority who has not discussed the benefits of the training with them. Somewhat similar to an "imposed change", employee resistance is often triggered
  2. The design and delivery of the training course comprises too much "lecturing" and not enough interactive opportunity to engage participants
  3. The content, activities and focus of the course seem too far removed from the context of the "real world" of the workplace. Your field and operational staff in particular will often have a low tolerance for anything that smacks of "theory", they want proven and practical ideas and techniques that will help them deal with their workplace problems
And one final short video clip, this one of a more humorous nature featuring David Brent from the Office (UK), who is helping out in a Customer Care staff training workshop ....

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