Interview Skills

For many people, interviews can be quite an intimidating experience. And consequently there are often many occasions when capable people do not present themselves in the best light at the interview. Sometimes this is because they are not controlling their nerves, and other times because they do not understand how the interview and assessment process works.

Is your organisation looking to develop the interviewing skills of staff, and to help them improve their job applications prospects? Or maybe it's just yourself, as an individual feeling that you would benefit from some interview coaching. Have a look at the webpage Interview Training Melbourne where you will gain information about interview training and coaching services provided by an experienced interview coach

Interview Training Video

In the following clip, there are many great interview tips presented .........although they are plugging their longer training video and hoping you'll buy it, still there are some really useful tips. See what you think

Behavioural Interviewing

Increasing numbers of organisations are using the behavioural approach to conducting their interviews   If you are not familiar with the behavioural interview, then this video will help you to better understand what is involved ...