The following is a list of various resources that can support your corporate training event

Corporate Training Provider
  • Corporate Training Melbourne    Performance Development have been designing and delivering corporate training for more than twenty years. If you are looking for a training provider who will work closely with you to deliver the learning outcomes that you need, then visit their website
Keynote Speakers Melbourne
  • Performance Development If you are looking for an Australian keynote speaker for your corporate event who can inspire and entertain, then we have a range of different speakers who can add the impact and the "wow" factor that you are seeking for your event. 
Corporate Training Videos
  • Channel 1  Experienced producers and distributors of a wide range of corporate training videos

National Qualifications & National Training Standards
The authority site spells out the Australian Qualifications (AQF), which is the framework for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) is the national set of standards which serves to ensure nationally consistent training and assessment standards

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