Are you wasting your corporate training dollars?

Well, the only way to be able to answer this question with anything beyond an educated guess is to conduct some evaluation of your corporate training.

And many organisations are indeed doing this, but with varying levels of sophistication. One of the most respected models of training evaluation is that of Professor Donald Kirkpatrick, who identified four different measures for training evaluation. These measures are a performance indicator n terms of the impact of the training upon the person participating in the training course and the subsequent impact upon the business
  1. Reaction - what the person attending the course thought and felt about the training (how satisfied they were with the quality of the course content and the delivery, for example)
  2. Learning - the resulting increase in the knowledge or capability of the person
  3. Behaviour - the extent of behaviour and performance improvement, through workplace application of the learning
  4. Business Results - the impact upon the business or environment
Training evaluation should become a core part of any corporate training program so that training dollars can be justified as an investment rather than a cost to the business

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